30 precision crafted, laser focused sessions to drive your personal training career further. Navigating the new terrain takes strategy and style and Personal Trainer Apex will get you there.


30 precision crafted, laser focused sessions to drive your personal training career further. Navigating the new terrain takes strategy and style and Personal Trainer Apex will get you there.

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Challenge your members with a combination of strength movement patterns. This class is perfect for anyone trying to improve their fitness and health. Beginners can work at their level; intermediate and advanced students will be pushed to their limit by this full-body workout.

This workshop is for the coaches that are ready to challenge their clients with advanced but effective core training dynamics. Learn how to target the core without doing a single crunch & take your clients core training into another gear!

There’s a profound benefit to being “connected” physically to your clients. From gauging their performance capacity directly, to providing resistance to areas where equipment cannot isolate, you’ll learn the key concepts of why manual resistance can and should be a key tool utilized by every Personal Trainer.

The ability to coach core stability beyond expectation will bring you, as a fitness professional, one step closer to aligning concepts and applications. In this session, learn coaching concepts specifically designed to stabilize the spine in a scalable coaching mode.

Today’s woman needs strength training for a lean, healthy look. What’s more important, she needs Volume Training, which is a combination of load, tension, frequency, intensity and type. Learn BEST PRACTICES for strength training women with limited equipment options that can be replicated in home or gym.


Increasing functionality is just one of the benefits of offering small group options for aging clients. Discuss not only the science, but the need for socialization, camaraderie, and accountability when training the group. Study how introducing positive competition and even dance movement will enhance results, and address retention. Experience and practice specific joint actions to get you started creating your new branded option.

Exercise has been proven to slow cognitive decline associated with aging. Learn how exercise influences the body’s biological systems and functions to keep brains healthy and sharp! Practice innovative movements and techniques, complete with tons of options for clients of all fitness levels, and update your active aging training sessions today! 

Make Every Woman Over 50 Want You. Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post menopause women go through a rapid hormone change that deems what they used to do ineffective. Hormone balancing fitness programming secrets lie in interpreting the signs & symptoms various imbalances cause.

Functional strategies for everyday strength help your female clients age-less! Chronological aging is just a number: It’s capacity that counts! Interactively review critical principles for functionally training the female client. Learn essential body alignment, precise cueing, and movement strategies to provide effective strength training for the ageless female.

Combining the latest exercise science and aging research with unique sequences, this workout is guaranteed to help participants build muscle, burn calories and slow the body’s aging process. Learn easy-to-implement sequences, progressions and modifications that will increase mobility and strength and accommodate all fitness levels. Your members will feel challenged and successful after this fun, high intensity cardio workout!


This crash course is your fast track to training online ASAP with all the tools necessary to keep your current clients and attract new ones. Identify your ideal client, create  unique training methods and harness impactful systems that you’ll be ready to launch now! (LECTURE)

Personal Training businesses, much like any other business, are much more sustainable when client retention is achieved. Explore top-level strategies to inspire, enlighten, encourage, and retain your current community of clients. Keep them constantly engaged & retain the longevity of your training business! (Lecture)

It is well documented that a 5% increase in client retention translates into an income increase of 25%, which is why a smart retention strategy is paramount to your success. Learn how and where to successfully invest your time, effort, and money to create an optimal client experience at the point of sale. Convert more potential clients into long-term clients and leave with actionable plans and tips to advance your personal training business. (Lecture)

As personal trainers, we often restrict our own success by only offering 1-on-1 training. However, small group training is growing rapidly in our industry. For our clients it can provide a more affordable training session with the added comfortability of working out with others. From the trainer standpoint, it maximizes time, increases our profitability, and can help more clients! Join our panel of experts as they delve into how to launch and implement small group personal training effectively today!

Join this panel of experts as they review how the changing impact of society affects new sales and marketing strategies. Learn effective techniques to adapt to technological change and a growing community need. Address the evolving sales process that will impact your revenue potential. (Lecture)


Almost all workouts require good posture and alignment to maximize results while minimizing injury. However, it is difficult to assess our clients and ensure all participants are moving properly. Join our resident expert on posture, alignment and evaluation, Patrick Mummy, as he discusses the best coaching and cueing strategies for alignment and posture and how to do it effectively in personal training and a small group environment. (Lecture)

Ever wish you had a quantifiable system for measuring the success and outcome of corrective exercise? In this session, you will learn, practice, and implement the AlignSmart™ system to measure and create custom corrective exercise routines. Leave ready to assist, mentor, coach, and guide clients through their journey to be pain-free and performance-ready.

Utilize physics as it pertains to musculoskeletal compensations and pain planes of motion to get your clients proactive and compliant with corrective exercises. Employ postural analysis pre and post-workout to reinforce healthy daily habits, and ultimately increase athletic performance.

The seemingly simple task of balancing on one leg or walking across the room is actually a complex, integrated, multi-sensory experience with stimulation coming from the eyes, ears, joints, and plantar foot. Join Dr. Emily as she explores how to enhance brain activation during balance training by combining sensory stimulation, dual tasking and eye movement exercises.

With over 29 muscles in our feet, there are important daily steps that can be done to ensure your feet stay strong and healthy. Join Podiatrist and Naboso Founder Dr. Emily as she explores foot function as it relates to strength, mobility and sensory stimulation.


What’s the difference between FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY? Muscles are related to flexibility. Mobility is related to joint function. Learn the latest research on training joints for better overall function & flexibility! Enhance your warm up, cool down and get a template for daily mobility programs.
This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how easy it is to perform trainer-assisted stretches with your clients. Whether on a table or the floor, these will help improve their flexibility as part of each training session. Learn clear, step-by-step practical applications while keeping your training within the scope of practice.

Discover great myofascial active recovery techniques in this Happy Muscles! 365 workshop. Learn guided muscle care and stretching techniques for all ages using best-in-class Tiger Tail massage sticks and balls. Improve flexibility, mobility, and ROM, as well as reduce muscle knots, aches, and pains while using these affordable, portable and FUN stretch-recovery tools.

Learn more about Tiger Tail® HERE.

Chronic back pain and “tight” hips will undoubtedly stand in the way of your clients achieving their fitness goals. Unhealthy fascia and overactive muscles in this region can affect the quality of movement. Discover the most effective ways to combine foam rollers, therapy balls, and active isolated stretching to minimize pain and improve mobility in the lumbopelvic hip complex.

Based on the latest research in myofascial stretching, mobility and muscle care this session provides a comprehensive four step approach to help minimize muscle pain, improve joint health and maximize physical performance.


This hands-on session lets you experience four unique short workouts that you can easily plug into your personal training plans. Using fun but simple outlines based on unique rep or time patterns, keep your clients engaged and excited for the long term. Discuss basic human behavioral concepts and how to implement them for maximal exercise adherence. (lecture and hands-on)

Learn how to create Easy, Moderate, & Hard movement progressions for your clients various fitness levels. The way we present our workouts makes a big difference in how our clients perceive their effort and success. This workout will have three variations for every exercise and a complete workout.

Not all assessments were created for the aging body! Learn effective assessments for strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and functional capacity. See how the right assessments can set the stage for the development of a program design that provides the correct level of challenge for your elderly client’s ability, not their chronological age.
Comprehensively examine the stability/mobility relationships of the aging body to provide the foundations for developing effective program designs to build better balance. Review the elements of balance and how they are affected through the aging process. Leave with effective strategies to apply to your client’s programs.
Layering is a simple idea. You have a workout made up of multiple tiers of exercises that are based on perceived importance. Those seen as less important get consciously or unconsciously switched up more frequently than those of a higher importance. Learn how to layer one exercise after another in a safe but effective manner improving strength, endurance, agility, and muscle balance. This unique layering technique learned will be easily duplicated for all major muscle groups.
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